Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Super 8 podcast

    Here's a podcast of me and other Youtube movie reviewers Chris Stuckmann, Fury of the Film Fan, and Tom Chatalbash talking about Super 8....and other things but mostly Super 8. Heavy Spoilers so only listen if you 1: have seen the movie, or 2: Don't give a shit about spoilers. Click the jump to check it out...

    Cool discussion to listen to while you're cleaning your room, or driving. You know, like a self help tape with more jokes.


Super 8 Podcast of awesometacularness!


  1. not to be off topic but its important

    i just have to tell you as a huge GL fan that try to refrain from condemning the source material in your review.

    i'm here to testify that the comics are amazing and that the movie has trashed it all. It has such rich characters and relationships that its a shame really.

    just trying to get it there for you. GL could of been amazing. Now beat the shit out of the movie. it deserves it.

  2. I am going to be off topic too. The full trailer to Harry Potter came freaking out! NYAAAAAH! I did that every time.

  3. i can't not notice his yell now. NYAAAAHHHHHH

  4. I wish I'd had all the equipment and stuff these kids had then i could've made the adventure/action movie i had thought up and lastly off topic they remaking Footloose & Conan(the barbarian).

  5. About that locket, it makes me think of that scene near the end of Toy Story 3 where the kid held Woody away from the little girl. That was powerful.