Thursday, June 30, 2011

Chris Hansen caught Cheating: Chris hansen Vs. Joey Greco!

       Holy Irony Batman! chris Hansen (The Dateline NBC to catch a Predator host) was caught cheating on his Wife!....However, I have a theory....kinda.....
      I mean, the guy who is known for catching douchebags turns out to be a douchebag? Granted, not AS douchey as a little thing called "Statutory Rape"....but still douchey. if "ironic" could fit into a box, and get caught on camera, it would in fact be called "Chris Hansen Caught Cheating".....Guess he should have let Joey Greco cheat off of his test paper softmore year of college.


      I think I legally have to say, the following is not actually the way it went down...But it's the best theory EVER!
      So Here's my theory; Chris hansen Screwed Joey Greco's (Host of the show "cheaters") girlfriend in college, Greco plots revenge over the next 2 decades creating a show that will lead to the end of Hansen FOREVER! He uses this new show "Cheaters" like John Walsh used "America's most wanted"; to take out the scumbags along the way to bringing down the one who started it all! Hansen learned of this scheme and hired a hitman to cheat with another mans girl to lure Greco onto a boat where he could be taken care of once and for all!!!!
     After a failed knife stabbing, Greco knew that Hansen was onto him, and so he laid low for the next few years. Once hansen felt comfortable, he let down his guard to take a dive with a reporter. Otherwise known as The creepy guy from "To catch a predator" who said "He didn't have a last name". He was the ONLY one willing to work with Greco to bring Hansen down forever! After Greco paid for the plastic surgery, this creepy little dead eyed sociopath becomes Grecos insider "Girl" and the one Hansen would have his eye on and eventually seduce. Once it was done, Greco had all he needed to bring down his former College roomie FOREVER!!! Ahhhhh long live a well put together 20 year plan.........or.....It could have been something like that I guess.....


                                      Creepy little dead eyed sociopath



  1. Two things: A) Did you catch that it was the National Enquirer who "broke" this story? I mean, really... can anyone trust the tabloids to actually tell the truth about someone? and B) Ironic, yes. But sleeping with someone who's young enough to be your daughter, but still of legal age to have sex is a LITTLE less illegal than trolling chatrooms for some 12 yr old girl to get drunk and have sex with... not really seeing the link here, JJ...

  2. I bet when the news broke Greco laughed maniacally while ringing his hands over his cake of victory.=}

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