Monday, June 6, 2011

E3 2011 Uncharted 3 trailer

      Well for my money, one of the best game franchises out there right now are the "Uncharted" games. And E3 gave us a new trailer to Uncharted: Drakes Deception. Click the jump to check it out.

      There's not much that I can say that this trailer doesn't cover. I love the Uncharted games; witty dialogue, great characters, mystery, suspense, solid gameplay, and insaine action with you at the center of it. Check out the trailer below to join the Awesometacularness and see what I mean when i say the Uncharted games are all you need for a cinematic "uncharted" experience.

Uncharted: Drakes Deception E3 trailer


  1. Action doesn't get much better than this

  2. I wonder if they're going to make an Uncharted 4 after this. But if not, this probably go down as one of the best trilogies ever made on the PS3 or gaming in general.

  3. the developers said they are planning on making lots of games. the possibilities are endless really.

  4. I never imagined, back in 96 when the first Crash Bandicoot game came out, that this company would create such an amazing franchise!
    Well they have my full support. As long as the games are good, I'll keep buying.

  5. Great game. Can't wait to play it. Unlike other titles, Uncharted gets better with every new release and re-imagines new, compelling stories for Drake to carry out with his posse. The last scene of that trailer, the part where he is falling out of the plane and grabs onto the cargo netting is a total rip off of the James Bond Living Daylights ending. Still cool though.

  6. Uncharted 2 has to be the best console exclusive I've played this gen so far. My body is ready for this.