Monday, June 13, 2011

E3 Tomb Raider 2011 gameplay demo

     I'm pretty sure Tomb Raider has been rebooted and remade more times than that "Scrooge" christmas carol. But the gameplay footage from E3 this year looks good. Click the jump to check it out....

     I've always thought Tomb Raider as "Not Uncharted so why bother", but this video makes this game does look impressive. I'm not expecting it to have the humor or witty dialogue that Uncharted is known for, but the game looks like a cool adventure. Although Lara Croft was created for the sake of appealing to the teen demographic who juust wanted to see a girl....even if she was just polygons, this game looks like it's all about the adventure baby.....although Lara does look good.....just sayin.

     My one gripe is that she speaks her inner dialogue outloud. I mean, I just don't think she'd do that. It's like she knows you're watching. But check out the video below and enjoy...



  1. Lara comes across as a whiney weakling.. what happened to the cool as cucumber sausage we saw before?

  2. wow outstanding graphics but i cant STAND the girl voice jesus christ thats BAD VOICE ACTING.

  3. Since it's an origin story, let's hope the cool calm and collected attitude of Lara Croft surfaces as the game progresses. Perhaps the dialog delivery will be punched up as the game goes as well. In any case, this looks like it could be the best tomb raider in years.

  4. Kinda reminds me of this image:

  5. Can't tell much from a CGI trailer expect that Lara is still HOT! But watch some of the gameplay from E3, think i was falling asleep while watching it. :S