Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Best King Crowning EVER!!!!

       Ok, so this isn't movie news or game news; But it was pretty Awesometacular and it was from the latest episode of show Game Of Thrones.....

       Yes, not only do I give movie news, game news and news in the world that really matters....but really doesn't, but I also share things that I just plain find great. Take this video of a guy getting crowned king in Game of Thrones for example....

What you need to know: The blonde dipshit getting crowned is a prick who only ever causes trouble, and yes ladies and gentlemen, that is a crown of pure gold. Oh, and if you don't want spoilers, you probably shouldn't watch....but it is so worth it....


                                Behold! How warriors crown an Asshole...


  1. I have to say that this scene is probably the most epic scene so far in this show. I was waiting for shit to hit the fan with this guy and his "my shit don't stink" attitude, and I was not disappointed.

  2. That scene made me so very very happy. Viserys deserved that and so much more. All hail Khal Drogo!

  3. So whats your verdict about the Game of Thrones so far mr Jeremy?

  4. Holy shit was not expecting that! Haha I love you Jeremy Jahns you are one BAMF

  5. This is the only way we will crown a king in the U.S. Well, okay, this is the only way I would crown a king in the U.S. but with zinc because gold ain't cheap here.