Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Darth Vaders "Noooooo" in Star Wars Blu-Ray.

      Well, the recent talk in the world of Blogger sites is of these new sound bites leaked online from the new Star Wars Blu-Ray trilogy. You may think them too absurd to be real, but ask yourself...."Is it REALLY beyond George Lucas to do this?" Click the jump to cry....a lot.

     Ok.....um.....ok. If this is true, then George Lucas is officially doing this kind of shit just to see people react. This change offers nothing to the moment and actually ruins the already epic moment of Anakin's decision to turn on his dark master. You see everything you need to know about what he's thinking from the camera zoom, the music, and Vader looking back and forth between his Master and his Son. The conflict is so apparent that you almost thiink to yourself "I hope they don't fuck this up by having him do soomething cheesy like yelling "NOoooooo"....well my friends, we had almost 3 good decades of this moment being as amazing as it could have been. And if this audio is legit, I hope this cut never sees the light of day outside Youtube and Blogger sites:

Vader yelling "NOoooo" In "Return of the Jedi" Blu-Ray.

      And if we didn't have enough to bitch about, Obi Wan Kenobi's Krayt Dragon yell now sounds like an intro sound bite that could lead into "Celebration" by Kool & the Gang. Seriously, watch the video below, listen to Obi Wan's new yell, and imagine "Celebration" plays right after it.....unbelievable.......

Obi Wan's new krayt Dragon yell in "A New Hope" Blu-Ray.


  1. I like it. I mean, now those scenes actually make sense.

    I never understood why Vader suddenly went 'good' at the end of Jedi, but now the "Nooo" that was used in the prequels has come full circle, and now we clearly understand his disposition.

    And I never really understood why the Sand People, with their rifles (clearly hunters) run away from some old man shuffling/ stumbling towards them.

    The Vader one is a bit better done than the Obi one (hehe), but I was always confused by those parts. I may not agree with the exact sound in the second one, but the movie definitely needs clarification in these parts.

  2. I'm in class... but I'm already imaging the horror. I'm ordering the blu-ray set from Amazon, but if it ends up being screwed up I'm returning it.

  3. that was a kryt dragon? didn't know that before.

    the noo is fine i guess. i'm not a big fan of return of the jedi anyways. woks and blind do nothing han solo. its really no the best.

  4. i guess i have no right to complain. i have the luxury of the original cut star wars. don't have to deal with some of the bullshit.

  5. Oh I love this idea!!! I also like to step on puppies necks' and throw Molotov cocktails into orphanages.

  6. oh come on no need to make exaggerations.

  7. Jeremy,

    I know it's off-topic but... Surely your blog deserves a better template!
    You know... to emphasize the awesometaculerness of its content. :p

    If you need help, let me know - it just takes a couple tweaks here and there! x

  8. What she said! The blue-ish background is enjoyable only if you're drunk. And if i got hammered everytime i stop by here i would need professional help.

  9. Hi Jeremy,

    First I have to say that your right. That is some horrid BS in the continued revision of changing scenes in a trilogy for who knows why. It would be nice of them to just go back and remaster the original in its original form before all the editing in the years since the trilogy was released. Those are just my thoughts on it.

    Secondly, I like to recommend a movie that will be released or possibly already released called Tucker and Dale VS. Evil. I wont go into to much detail about it, buts a great horror-comedy staring Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine. It will appear with a Limited Theater Release on the 30th of this month. Movie came out last year at many film festivals. I really enjoy your reviews and like to know your thoughts.


  10. ...ok what the fuck? why make he say that? i still have the original 3 on VHFUCKINGS! i mean seriously! why do that if i remember right he didnt say anything did he? just chuck the emperor over the side and apologized to luke (its been years since i watched it) what the hells next? they release all of the godzilla series on blu-ray with added lines with some more bullshit sayings?

  11. Dear Jeremy they are making a remake of the crow and oldboy watch oldboy and please have boycotts!

    Your fellow subscriber MegaJabboy

  12. Does everyone at Lucasfilm drink from the the Bearded One's plaid kool-aide? Where is the intervention from Coppola and Spielberg? Maybe we fans should take out an restraining order against Lucas to prevent the fruther raping my childhood!

  13. what the hell was that??!! I mean ok, the "nooo" was ok i suppose, but obi wan sounded like he just got his ass probed and wasn't prepared for it. Seriously, there are so many ways that could be described and what I said, I was being nice about it...

  14. Oh, shit. Fox has taken down the Noooo video on copyrights grounds. Jeremy, they've done it! Their blocking it!

  15. Oh my god George this is why people are starting to hate you! *buries face in hands*