Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Batman: The great debate!

     As some of you may or may not know, Cracked.com has some pretty funny shit. Take this video about Batman for example...

     At its very core, this is a hilarious video talking about the kind of nerdy stuff my friends and I think about all the time. At the very least...It's a video showing why you never enter a debate about fictional comic book heroes with a woman. Or actually...maybe you should. click on the link below to check out the vid.



  1. Tonight there will be a teaser trailer for the dark knight rises before Harry Potter, Deathly hallows pt. 2!

  2. @Whilhorst That was just a rumor, Dark Knight Rises is a year away. So there may be a possibility that there will be a trailer for DKR, but most likely we will get a teaser trailer for Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows, which comes out this December.

  3. yadfpaiojfds girl makes me want to slap a bitch. valid points, but one sided not to mention not avoided in the comics or the movies. is batman good or bad has been talked about for years.

    not to mention his sanity is also always a top subject matter as is the concept of escelation.

    now considering the state of gotham it is rampent with crime and corruption. can't trust the government or the police. that is why batman exists. he works outside of the rules. he has no jurisdiction. he doesn't need a warrant.

    batman can show up at the scene of a crime before the police and gather his own investigation before the police and without a trace.

    the state of crime is put in a choke hold by batman and forces every two big criminal and big time crime lord to think twice about what they do and how they do it. the fear of batman. he is more then a man, but a symbol.

    you out at night doing a crime with a flying man bat out there? no shit you are going to be afraid. some are skeptics sure but those are the ones who get their ass kicked.

    where batman goes wrong is the concept that he thinks he can erase crime and the villains that have popped up. reasonably so batman is delusional, but its his dedication that makes him so effective. he keeps gotham's head afloat. the mission is impossible, but that only means batman will never stop.

    the first theatrical villain is joker and his success opened the door to every halfed crazed lunatic not given the time of day in the crime world.

    the question of wayne's effectiveness will always come down to the question of which interpretation. look at the comics and you will find him to be the the leader prolanphapist in the world. he gives money to lots of people and creates lots of organizations. he has not forgotten his family's past work.

    its true in TDK he held a power that is too far, but used it once and destroyed it. again the discussion of its weight was not dropped, but a huge discussion point. lucius was going to quit until he learned that it was destroyed.

    then there is the question of arkham and blackgates security. they are instable and hardly reliable. the question of bruce wayne lending a hand goes out the window because they are public facilities.

    the government pays for them and it'd be pretty hard to help in that respect. give money to gotham's government and who knows where it will go.

    and when a villain does take over do they succeed? mostly never. yeah they get out but batman stops them. the city pushed a powerful man into this role and now he can't get out even if he wanted to. gotham needs batman whether you like it or not.

    to really determine if batman is bad for gotham you have to think about the state of the city before him. what was going on? criminals were paying out most politicians and going out at night is insanity. if bruce wayne never chose to be batman it could only get worse. organized crime is a hard nut to crack. for it to happen though its a slow process. and by most means batman has erased most crime families.

    those familes are now replaced with the freaks. they do not corrupt anyone really. at worst to the old ways you have penguin, but overall i say gotham is in decent shape and more controllable then before.

    rich people don't save a city. true action like batman can do it. but even batman admits he can't do it alone. harvey dent was one of their best hopes. again these questions are never dropped.

    gotham needs batman. the city is just to volatile without him.