Friday, July 1, 2011

Re-used Scenes From "The Island" in Transformers 3!

            Sometimes you do something in hopes that people won't notice, but when millions of eyes are on you and/or your work, SOMEONE is going to call you out when you use scenes from the movie "The Island" and put them in "Transformers: Dark of the Moon".....

          I don't know about you guys, but I have seen things like this before; Smallville used the Terminator 3 nuke scene to show a glimpse of the future where Lex nukes the world, The movie "Impostor" used scenes from Starship Troopers to show futuristic troops ready for war, But when it's a high profile movie like Transformers 3 from a Director like Michael Bay....well, finding something like this is MUCh more fun.
           Now granted, Michael Bay made The Island, so one could say he's not really "stealing" from another movie but rather "recycling" his work. Ultimately he just shot up a couple pegs in terms of smarts in my book. This cheap bastard took from something else, and added them to one of the most exciting segments in the movie. Hats off to you Michael bay, being a cheap bastard myself, I salute you. I mean the scenes blend nicely, so this technique absolutely worked. Check out the video below to see it in



  1. wow. its a little weird how somebody noticed it, though

  2. holy shit i had first comment. Thats pretty awesome. Not that im bragging or anything

  3. for a film with a budget near 200 million... why are they trying to save a few pennies, because to my maths, thats all it could be.

    they still shot new footage for the freeway scene. which means, they still closed major roads, purchased cars, paid crew members, cast members, stunt drivers, added the new cgi to the old footage... instead of filming a couple of new crashes and losing a few hours on tidying up.

    unless i'm missing something, more than willing to be put in my place if i'm wrong.

  4. Haha, this is Micheal Bay his signature I think, coz in Transformers 2, he used a scene from Transformers 1.

    It's the scene where the (uav) predator flies over the hills. In the first movie the following scene shows scorponok, and in the second one I forgot the following scene, but that's because I only watched it twice.

  5. Basically they needed more *PUNCH* in that particular scene, so they recycled a few extra seconds of another movie. It seems to work.

    However, I thought the movie was shot in 3D using the Cameron/ Pace Fusion cameras (two lenses for stereoscopic 3D). Obviously some of the scenes were converted (I know - I used the "c" word, I'm sorry!). For me that's probably the bigger revelation about this set comparison shots.

  6. Michael Bay made The Island? :O

  7. If you put enough time into it, you can properly a 2D scene to a 3D scene. Where hollywood has gone wrong is that it requires a massive amount of time, so an entire converted film will just not get enough love. The film has a decent percentage of shots that just had to be converted, but since it was so few, they were able to afford the necessary time to make it proper 3D. You didn't even notice did you.

    And I think it's perfectly acceptable to re-use a shot like that, ESPECIALLY since it's his own. It's not being cheap, it's being efficient. That shot from the Island is EASILY one of the coolest car collisions ever so why not? it's merely stock footage at that point. And I'm willing to bet they thought of using only after they shot the shots, so there was no way to just go and go out of schedule to shut down streets and "redo" destroying a car. nuh uh.

  8. *properly convert a 2D scene to a 3D scene

  9. It is a pity that "The Island" did not do better at the box-office, it is the best Bay movie over-all.