Monday, July 4, 2011

Podcast: Transformers Movies

           I recently took part in a podcast along with Tom Chatalbash, Fury of the Film Fan and Tom Chatalbash where we discussed all things "Transformers movies"......or at least most things.
     And in it I learned 1 huge lesson.....Steve Buscemi did NOT voice that little transformer in "Revenge of the Fallen". This is a spoiler filled podcast, so only listen to it if you have seen the Transformers movies, or don't care. Enjoy


Podcast: Transformers movies


  1. Hey Jeremy Jazz transforms into a pontiac solstice

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  3. you should do an Uncharted podcast. u know. one about uncharted. the game and possible movie stuff.

  4. I thought it was Buscemi as well, turned out I was wrong and its Spongebob lol