Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut DLC Ending

      Ok, so if you know me, you know that I loathed the Mass Effect 3 ending. A lot of us did. In short, ME3 fans felt everything they fought for was all for not because of a vague ending with very little to no closure. The fact that my video on the matter has over 900,000 hits told me that something was VERY wrong in the world of Mass Effect. But now Bioware has released their Extended Cut DLC for the, is it worth it? I give you my thoughts after the jump...


Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC review

As for my thoughts on the original ending....

Mass Effect 3 Ending and Why We Hate It


  1. Great review. I agree with most of your points. As for the extencded cut, it was ok. At least they explained it, and it wasn't about wiping out everything so that 50,000 years from now Buzz Aldrin could talk like Carl Sagan to his granddaughter. That original ending sucked, and I will stick to it no matter who says it was fine. But this one was... a B. The feel was that of a free DLC from a major developer. If they had done this in the beginning, with better production values, they would have avoided the furor, and we would be talking about how whether or not Mass Effect was the best trilogy of games ever.

  2. dear jeremyjahns...i am a guy from kerala, india and i just saw spider man amazing movie. i am sorry i am conveying you by posting a comment in your blog post... i just saw the movie as it released today...three things
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    Hey Jeremy! I just finished ME3 last night for the first time. From watching your first review on it I see that the original ending deserved the hate towards it. The DLC ending is the only one I know, so that said I will say that it was a good ending for me. Game stories usually end up bad but this one played out closely to the way the entire game played to me. And that was good in my eyes. Thanks for your review videos, I always seem to enjoy your ranting, and then once I saw that you did game reviews my respect for you doubled. Good luck sir and here's looking up to your success! You deserve more attention and fame sir.

  4. Hey Jeremy look up Mass Effect 3 - Shepard's Indoctrination its pretty cool theory better then this ending ill tell you that. Prepare to have your mind blown.

  5. yo jermey there's a 4th ending to mass effect 3
    if you chose all the renegade dialog with the star child
    you can see the 4th ending

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  7. I'm so glad this was my first experience I just got the collection last month and I liked this new ending although i wonder how i would've reacted to the original.

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