Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Last of Us E3 Gameplay Footage

    There have been a lot of cool things shown at E3 2012, but one that stands out in my mind is Naughtydog's new post apocalyptic epic "The Last of Us". Think "Uncharted" mixed with the movie "The Road". You intrigued yet? Click the jump to see the gameplay...

-Jeremy Jahns
The Last Of Us E3 Gameplay Footage


  1. Was there any Demo for The Amazing Spider-Man?

  2. Jeremy, have you seen the new IP Watch dogs trailer? It's crazy man. You must check it out!

  3. This fucking rules! I will buy a PS3 just because this and Beyond: Two Souls looked amazing!!!

  4. @JeremyJahns when will you make a review about LOST?


  6. dear jeremyjahns...i am a guy from kerala, india and i just saw spider man amazing movie. i am sorry i am conveying you by posting a comment in your blog post... i just saw the movie as it released today...three things
    1. story could have been better
    ( peter finds a bag finds a document finds a algorithm finds villain--tada formula ok lizard double ok)

    2. the villain should have been better
    ( lizard should be man turned to lizard...this one looks like lizard turned int a man...cute little sharp teeth...they screwed it venom..they did it again with lizard)

    3. the game like movement must be more!
    ( remeber in trailer we see only the hands..the shadow..the it was us being spidey..very film)

    story cut short..peter parker parents give to uncle ben in little age..peter in college..finds dads curt connnors..connors develop...experiment on himself...lizard..plans to take city...peter gwen love...gwen father finds peter is spider...father killed by lizard...peter saves the promise " promise me u will stay away from gwen"...

    visruth k

  7. This is my game of the year, but i'm a little sad and dissapointed that 60% of the gameplay in this video isn't in the full game. No crouch sprint, no disarm, no smart AI, reaction to molotov, etc...
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  8. I wish the AI hadn't been so downgraded. Seeing them act like that in this trailer was impressive. it would've been even more to see it in the actual game.

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