Monday, June 17, 2013

10 movies That Are Ranked Higher Than "Man of Steel" on Rotten Tomatoes!

      So "Man of Steel" has been a bit polarizing when it comes to reactions and feedback from those who have watched it. Most people who wanted to watch a cool Superman movie walked away pleased with the film, but the critic reviews on the other hand have been less than praise. This is not an absolute however as there are many critics who did enjoy the film, but if you are like me, you do find yourself on the elite sewing circle website of critics known as to see what the social elite of movie critics think of the new releases. And if you are even more like me than you thought; when you saw Man of Steel standing at a 56% on the Tomato Meter, you thought to yourself "I wonder what movies have a higher rating than Man of Steel"? And so, I give you a list of 10 movies with a higher score on than Man of Steel. Click the jump break to be entertained if not mildly baffled...

.....First off, I will say that I understand, as you should too, that reviews are subjective. They are opinion based commentary to assess the quality of entertainment and give you an opinion as to whether or not it is worth your time. I am not trying to insult those who judge Man of Steel to be "rotten", nor am I saying that the movies ranked higher than Man of Steel are complete Dogshit. But I did find an interesting irony in Man of Steel being deemed "worse" than the 10 movies listed below via the social majority of critics on Rotten Tomatoes.

      Also, these are only "action adventure" movies of the 2000s....and 1 from 1999. I'm sure if you search other decades and genres, you'll find a cornucopia of ironic tomato ratings to fill your blogs until the New Year. Also keep in mind that these scores are as of 6/17/2013 and are subject to change.
        Ok, boring disclaimer is done, on to the ironic judgment of those we hold on high...

Man of Steel - 56%

Superman Returns - 75%

Kingdom of the Krystal Skull - 78%

The Matrix Reloaded - 73%

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines - 70%

Spider-Man 3 - 63%

Hulk (2003) - 62%

X-Men: The Last Stand - 57%


Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace - 57%

Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones - 67%

Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith - 80%

     Ultimately, if there is one thing I would want this list to put into perspective, it's the fact that the only opinion that matters in the world of your personal taste is your own. In the world entertainment, you'll like what others hate, I'll like what you hate, and you'll hate what I like. Point is, in opinion based commentary on the fun and trivial....nothing is law. Because if we live in a world where all of the 10 movies listed above are deemed better than Man of Steel; nothing is sacred. Have fun at the movies, and stay Awesometacular!

-Jeremy Jahns


  1. Man of Steel AUDIENCE RT score: 82%

    Superman Returns AUDIENCE RT score: 67%

    THAT is where it counts. Film Critic reviews mean nothing to me. Except yours of course. But I see you as a film FAN, not a critic.

    1. you are totally right. This is what really matters not those critics who cannot forget Christopher Reeve's Superman with whom they grew up.

    2. The same audience who gave a fresh rating to every Twilight films. That's who I'll listen to!!!!!!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Its far better than the other two prequels, and in the same level of the original trilogy, maybe not empire strike back level but ep4 and 6 level certainly. and my personal favorite, but like i said ep5 still the best made star wars movie.

    2. That film is not that terrible I guess. However, there are moments of bad acting and/or bad dialogue in scenes that are extremely important. Most of the people reading this comment on this website probably know exactly what I mean.

    3. So does the acting of mark hamill in ep4.

    4. Yeah I didn't like mark Hamill in starwars. Imagine my reaction when I realized he was joker in arkham asylum. Yeah Episode 3 was ok besides the bad script which most of the starwars movies suffered from.

  3. I haven't seen it yet but I find it hard to believe its worse than Superman Returns, X-men the Last Stand and the Star Wars prequels.

  4. The thing that people have to realise is that by having a reason for liking or disliking a movie, or anything that involves subjectivity, they are automatically a critic. Sure those guys get paid to give us their opinion which we agree with or otherwise. Every one of us will surely find a movie the critics laud but we loathe, it's called subjectivity, and sometimes we agree and the result is amazing, or we are proven wrong and the result is refreshing or we disagree and the result is defensive support, the development of a prosecution mentality, a sense of injustice, and worse, trolling. If you like it go see it, simple as that, who cares about the critics, you are the critic, you critique it, weigh it in the balance and see what you think is found wanting, and if you get paid to do that then the power of good to you.

  5. dude you really are the best reviewer, with a higher than average understanding!

  6. ***SPOILER ALERT: There were so many bad story elements and poor directing choices in Man of Steel that pulled me out of the movie and made me go 'what?'

    Superman stops to save a random soldier in the middle of a fight - he even asks 'Are you alright?' while the other badguys are in the process of eviscerating a bunch of other soldiers

    A plane full of people crashes into a building, but Superman only saves Lois - Iron Man managed to save everybody from his crashing plane, and he's got no super speed or anything

    For some reason, Krypton sends Zod and his baddies into the safety of the Phantom Zone and then wait for their own doom, rather than going into the Phantom Zone themselves and leaving Zod and his baddies on Krypton to die

    Superman actually cries when he kills Zod, who is essentially Space Hitler. Zod who murdered his dad, and murdered his Dad's ghost, tried to kill all the humans on the planet, and was in the process of trying to burn a family to death with heat vision... I really don't get the moral dilemma of snapping Zod's neck (especially after all the buildings full of people that got collapsed, which amounted to like two hundred 9-11's)

    The whole plot point of Kryptonians having superpowers or not was very fuzzy and confusing. Yellow Sun and Earth's atmosphere make Kryptonians superpowered, ok - but why were all Zod's badguys and Zod himself superfast and super strong all the time? Later Zod's helmet breaks and he gets superpowers and it gives him a headache or something, but then he gets used to it later on and now he's as powerful as Superman... This was all left very sketchy and unclear

    Superman and Lois kiss - and that comes out of nowhere. There was no scene leading up to that where they seemed like they were falling in love or anything

    The cast was great, the effects were great, the action was great - the story was nonsensical at times and left me scratching my head

    1. I do agree with some of your gripes, but would like to clear somethings. Superman doesn't like killing, so killing Zod was tough even if he had reasons ( like Batman if you seen any of his movies), and for the powers thing, Krypton has heavier gravity on their planet than Earth, so the super strength and speed is automatic for them while others like heat vision requires them to absorb the sun, Also since Zod is an experience solider, he is trained to have better focus, control and adapting abilities which is why he was able to control his powers faster. You are entitled for your opinions and I agree that the movie has flaws, but hopefully my explanation can give you a better perspective.

    2. The scene with the plane, there wasn't many people on it in the first place, and those who were on it all died, besides the commander/pilot guy who said a good death is its on reward, while smashing it into the ship. Moreover, lois was actually the only one falling out of the plane, so he was simply catching her.

      for killing Zod, like masterrance said, he doesn't killing. and i think he is also down to the fact, he has killed pretty much his own race during this showdown. which would kind hit him hard, seeing as he was keen on knowing who/what/why about his race. and trying to achieve his fathers dream of a better krypton.

      and throughout the movie we see different scenes where lios and cal start to bond. e.g. him taking her down from space to the field, they had a bonding bit there, showing their interests

    3. And as for Zod and his men being sent to the Phantom Zone instead of being left on Krypton to die, Jor-El was the only one who knew Krypton would be destroyed; no one else believed him (recall the earlier scene where he is talking to the council).

      Since no one believed him, they thought the PZ was the best place to send Zod.

  7. how does this happen? the movie looks better than man of steel, it doesnt have such a cheap story, the acting seems fluid and the action and easter eggs are great, I wont call it movie of the year, but yes, better movie than those ten, and i love and OWN the dvd to Hulk, Reloaded, and a few others but as a fan who knows about movie loving, this is just ridiculous, I think critics have gone full hate on cool movies and only give good ratings to movies that are popular to them, same goes to game critics...

  8. Superman Returns 75%?? seriously?? guess they were drunk when they watched it. Personally, I found that movie dogshit

    1. Critics liked it because it did not have confusing moments and superman returns did not do another retelling of superman's history but jumps into him coming back from krypton.

    2. Superman Returns wasn't confusing? People still don't know when it takes place in the movie universe. Is it before or after Superman 3 and 4? That and many other questions are why you are wrong.

  9. I think the main issue is its an effects movie and little else, plus is it me or did they do Prometheus better than Prometheus with those space suits?.

  10. What you have to understand is, aggregates like Rotten Tomatoes or Metacritic tell you NOTHING. They only encourage the idea that every reaction to every movie can be summed as either positive or negative, with no room for nuance. You talk about subjectivity of opinions, but the fact is what a critic thinks about a movie can't be boiled down to equations, math or percentages. Try reading the actual reviews first, instead of just referring to the numbers.

    This guy explains it better than I can:

  11. Hello Jeremy, I really enjoy your work. Pretty nice article, let me know if you ever need any help with graphics, live writer, or illustrations! Keep up the great work!

  12. Hey Jeremy! Nice post! Love you reviews, cheers from Brazil! Abraço!

  13. Superman Returns - Really? 75%? Were the critics high or something?

    Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - Personally, this is a guilty pleasure for me. It defiantly isn't great, but it's good fun.

    The Matrix Reloaded - It should be higher then 73%. I loved this film.

    Terminator 3 - Bleh. It's ok. Nothing special.

    Spider-Man 3 - Again, should be higher then 67%. This is my favourite Spider-Man movie.

    Hulk - This movie is garbage. Next.

    X-Men: The Last Stand - A decent flick. Nothing too bad, I've seen a lot worse.

    The Star Wars Prequels - Episode 1 is passable at best, Episode 2 is ok and Episode 3 is outstanding.

    All of these are in my opinion, of course :)

  14. I don't think Superman Returns deserves all the hate it gets.

    I can agree about Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

    I've only seen the first Matrix.

    T3 was decent fan-fiction at best.

    I am really not a fan of any of the Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies to begin with!


    Only seen the first two X-Men movies & First Class.

    Star Wars Prequels...UGH!

  15. Hey Jeremy,
    what the hell is your problem with the Star Wars Prequels?! I'll admit that they are not as good as the original trilogy but they are still fun and popular films for many Star Wars fans. You said in your video on the Disney-Lucasfilm announcement that Star Wars died with those three movies. THAT'S BS!!! Its like saying the Harry Potter saga died with the Chamber of Secrets. Besides, even you have to admit that Revenge of the Sith was a great film. Its one thing to say that you do not like the Star Wars Prequels, but saying that they killed the Star Wars Saga has NO LOGIC IN IT WHATSOEVER. Because of that comment, your video on the Disney Lucasfilm announcement is an automatic DOGSH*T. If you really want to do things for your fans, you need to acknowledge that there are people who actually enjoy those movies.

    1. Number one, the prequels are shit. ALL THREE OF THEM. They are poorly acted, poorly directed, (if you call pointing a camera at a green screen for two hours "directing,") and poorly written. Number two, the Harry Potter comment made absolutely zero sense. Why? A three year old could figure this out, but I'll explain it to you anyways. The Harry Potter movies were filmed chronologically and they all felt like they existed in the same universe. The original Star Wars trilogy and the prequel trilogy? Two totally fucking different universes. And third, he does acknowledge other peoples' opinions on the Star Wars prequels. He has never once insulted someone via youtube or this blog about their opinion. You know what he was doing? HE WAS STATING HIS OPINION. Yeah, you state your opinion and he states his. That's how it goes. Learn to fucking deal with it.

  16. I agree xcept Star Wars episode III, stop hating on that movie.
    It's a good movie the best of the prequels by far. Have seen it over 20 times. It's good! The best star wars movies are a new hope and the empire strikes back. But Revenge of the sith is on the same level as return of the jedi if not better.
    And yeah it's ridculous that Superman returns and kingdom of a kristal skull, Spiderman 3, The hulk have higher scores.
    The Tomato meter is BS on this one

    1. There's no such thing as a good Star Wars prequel.

  17. ಠ_ಠ this is why I don't go on Rotten Tomatoes! They always do this bullshit

  18. The REDLETTERMEDIA video reviews for the Star Wars prequels sum up perfectly with pinpoint accuracy what's wrong with them. In fact those reviews are great to download onto a disc and keep as they are hilarious.

    But yes I agree they are still solid sci-fi films, if you look at them as independent films they work much better.

    On the other hand they did also bring much shame to the Star Wars franchise and Lucas.

    1. The Star Wars label is the only reason why people defend the prequels. If they didn't have "Star Wars" in the title, they would have been completely forgotten a month after they came out.

  19. I think they are an awful rating system. They only gave The Hobbit a %65!!! I thought The Hobbit was one of the best movies I have seen in a LONG TIME! They were so many of those fight scenes where just as someones about to die the others come in and defend them ex.(Troll scene, and Orc Scene) usually movies only have 1 of those at the end but this had them throughout and I LOVED IT!! I definetly think The Hobbit deserved higher than that.

  20. Tastes are personal and opinions are relative, but if Jeremy likes a flick — and if that self-important humorless fool, A.O. Scott of the NYT, hates it — chances are I'll like said flick.

  21. Hey I actually like Ang Lee's Hulk of 2003. I thought it was one of the more enjoyable comic book films I've seen. I really like Man of Steel, and I would say I agree completely with Jeremy's review. It needed to slow down a bit more at the end, even though it was still well done. Superman needed a makeover and this one did him justice.

  22. Superman returns-not bad but forgettable
    Krystal Skull- I kind of liked it but I understand the hate
    Matrix 3- I didn't see it but I liked the first 2
    Hulk- I don't get how people can defend it its bad
    Prequel 1- Crap
    Prequel 2- Even worse
    Prequel 3- The script made me cringe occasionally but it was pretty good. The part after Anakin turned evil was awsome

  23. For real?Spider-Man 3 was "better" than MoS?I haven't seen MoS yet,but I have low expectations now and I kinda expect it being untrue to the core of the character.However,there is no possible way a movie can get worse than Spider-Man 3.
    Personally, I think that Revenge Of The Sith was fucking awesome and can stand at the greatness of the original trilogy.
    Anyway...I'm not trusting RottenTomatoes for the time being.But I am already disappointed in the fact that they marketed it as more realistic,more "DarkKnight-ish" view on the character but instead what we got was an action-packed flick.All I'm saying is that Superman is so much more than that.

  24. I too am a movie reviewer of some sorts, and i'd like to point out that most of the films deserve what they got. (Well not The Phantom Menace or SM3 or even Hulk)

  25. Honestly, Man of Steel was awesome in many ways but i felt like it didn't, maybe, allow the time to establish supe as a titular character after an awesometacular opening with Krypton's destruction. Now, I saw supe as he was, is, and always should be, in one of the film's trailers, while he was saving the people in the oil rig accident, we had the VO of Lois stating "....for some he was a guardian angel and for some others he was a ghost...", for me that was a 'wow' moment, maybe there could've been more of that for the grown-up supe.

    In Batman Begins, Bruce did not wait until he became to be known as 'The Batman', he destroyed most part of the league of shadows, before even he donned the cape.

    So it would've been much better in Man of Steel (already confirmed to be like a Superman Begins) that for quite some years Supe, before becoming Supe, could've been a miracle, yet invisible, man solving many serious issues in the world without even being noticed and that Lois could've been following up on his trails to find out about this unseen force silently changing the world into a better place.

    Remember that moment in BB when Batman says "Its not who I am underneath but ....... defines me" and Rachel was like slapped by a wave of revelations, when Supe shows up to the world, his alien origins alters our entire understanding but he's not just an alien he is a 'Super-non-Human', he had to be taken to the bottom of it, in order to be accepted as a 'Savior' figure.

    Honestly, a lot of people in MoS wanted to be saved from an invasion and they did not give a damn about Supe being their hope for defeating evil or protecting good.

    But apart from this and some other areas, Man of Steel made its mark on history(bows to Hans' score), It was a crime that RT gave a mean 57%

    Lose it folks, even the oscars made a serious mistake with Shawshank Redemption, but we proved it wrong, so lets just hope history kicks its own rear!

    Can't wait for MoS 2 & JLA !!

  26. Here's one concept that bothers me to the extent of almost making me angry.

    I understand that reviews are a matter of opinion, which is, by its very definition, subjective.

    Scoring a movie on the other hand, assigning a numerical value to the quality of said movie, should be, at least to some degree, OBJECTIVE.

    That is why, while the score for Man of Steel may be understandable, is still inexcusable...

    Note: I do agree with a lot of the criticism towards MoS; most of it has solid arguments behind it. I even have some gripes of my own. But the Rotten Tomatoes score does not reflect the movie properly. Not even close...

  27. This review has put me at ease, after so many negative critic reviews I've seen. I've always trusted the Flickering Myth team's judgement, and this time is no different.

    Dwayne Johnston (Limo in Seattle)

  28. terminator 3 was bad so was superman returns, i really liked man of steel so far its my movie of the year i don not know how superman returns, that piece of rubbish, got higher than man of steel

  29. Don't blame rottentomatoes. It's like blaming a census bureau or poll taker. All they're doing is reporting a statistic. A fairly straightforward statistic, too, about the specific subpopulation known as movie reviewers who are quite different from the general population. Because many of them don't even particularly LIKE action/ genre movies (even though they are the most popular movies today) their verdicts on B-/junk/mass movies often seem to be based on what they think they are supposed to like. Yet these critics are expected to offer an opinion on movies they don't actually enjoy... so sadly a lot of reviewers are Sheeple when it comes to their final judgments of yay/nay. It's why a wretched movie like Batman and Robin can actually get a 41% on R t.

  30. I LOVE the Marvel movies, but Superman belongs on the big screen and I'm hoping this is a financial success. I mean, there's something comforting about being able to look forward to certain movies or characters...Bond, Batman, Avengers, etc. Who wants to live in a world where "The King's Speech" or "The English Teacher" are the must see event movies of the year? I don't.

    Irene (Bankruptcy Attorney Chicago)

  31. Lol people actually defend Revenge of the Shit? The only reason that movie got any praise is because it came out after Attack of the Clones and so it seemed better than it really was. Fuck all the Star Wars prequels.

  32. I fricking lost it when i Saw HULK higher than MoS anyone else????

  33. Hey there! great blog bro. Excellent entry by the way., I love MoS too. will be checking out regularly.