Thursday, April 19, 2012

God of War: Ascension Announcement trailer revealed!

     Well, it's been a good couple of days for God of War fans. had leaked the title, box art, AND the trailer for the next God of War game titled "God of War: Ascension". While the information has since been pulled from the site, one day later; Sony officially released all of said information, and while I'm sure Amazon was on a good old fashioned head hunt for a solid day and a half, we now get to enjoy a new God of War release trailer. Check out the trailer and my thoughts on the trailer after the jump.

God of War Ascension announcement trailer

God of War Ascension announcement trailer review


  1. Plaese it would mean a lot to me if you reviewd what I think is one of the greatest films ever made the usual suspects

  2. Another great review Jeremy, your Me3 one also awesome. I have also done a blog post of the ending, if you could read it dude, that would be AWESOMETACULAR

  3. Never played God of War before. It sounds epic. Its really mind bending how video games have better plots than movies. You'd think its the other way around.

  4. Kratos all the way!! i have played all GOW games even the 2 portables

  5. In this God of War we will find out that Kratos is his own father and then he will get all pissed and shit and fight himself and then die again and the new GoW game will come and so on till this generation of gamers dies. Leave Kratos alone ! :(
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  6. Will it be cooler or more lame if this is before he has all those cool powers and moves?

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