Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mass Effect 3 Ending and Why We Hate It!

     A lot...A LOT of people who have played and beaten the game "Mass Effect 3" have expressed disdain for the games ill conceived ending. I myself am one of those people, but as always, I express my stronges opinions in the form of Youtube videos; so click the jump below and I will tell you exactly why I find the ending to Mass Effect 3 an utterly pointless and disappointing sequence in what is otherwise a flawless gaming experience....

Mass Effect 3 Ending and Why We Hate It!


  1. I can't believe I'm the first comment when you've pretty much become the voice of the movement to get a better ending. Thanks for standing up and saying what I'm pretty sure is exactly what almost all of us were thinking! :)

  2. Great video! The developers want feedback for an ending DLC, we've got an official poll thread going here but we need votes:

    Please help to get the word out in any way you can! Thanks!

  3. For reference, since you didn't romance anyone in ME2, someone followed your path and got this:

  4. As always, a great video! Thanks Jeremy!
    This is what the Mayans were really talking about for 2012, not Zombies or Nazi Invasions from the Moon, or another Bush as President, but the end of Mass Effect 3. Thanks, Bioware, you just ended the world as we know it!

    This was one of the best cases for a change to the ending of ME3, well, besides your video of course!

    and one of the best funny:

    and another

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  6. posted a comment in a yaho article about this telling ppl to ceck ur vid 20 thumbs up spreadin the word!

  7. The indoctrination idea doesn't explain the whole Normandy stuff why would an indoctrinated Shepard dream that.

    The ending feels rushed out of context. I believe that this isn't the intended ending. They couldn't pull that off so rushed this out.

  8. You say it, just the way I think.
    I have made my own story of how the game ends.

  9. Hey Jeremy,

    I watched your video on Youtube last night. It inspired me to do something about the ending. So, my friend and I chatted on skype and came up with our own. This is what we came up with:

    let me know what you think.

  10. Personally I would have liked it if this video where longer. But anyway I'm really glad that people are getting organized about this and going to Bioware as opposed to just bitching via twitter. I love this trilogy and I hope that people like you and the people who write comment's will fight for it, because it would be a real shame for the best sci-fi game series I've ever played end on a "sour yellow note" to quote the rachni.

  11. Im intrigued by the indoctrination theory, i recently ran into, for the mass effect 3 ending. Makes a lot of sense and made me more excited about my ending and whats to come. I watch all of your stuff so i'd like to know what you think of this theory. here's the link

  12. I am upset that we (may) have to pay for the end. I read in one thread the theory that Javik the Prothean was actually in the game and cut out, to be dlc: Which makes some since because unlike the dlc characters in ME2 where little more then a loyalty mission and a little unique dialogue. Javik however has unique dialogue not only with Shepard but with other characters as well.

    Does anyone else find it disturbing that instead of putting out a complete product game developers are willing to tear off parts of a complete story to make a little more money?

  13. man this game is epic. wasted more than 300 hours on the series to make them perfect, to make them fit, and in the end u get nothing. u die, the ones u were fighting for die ( not ur crew but most of the humanity and the rest of the galaxy dies in the war or due to the desruction of the relays )etc. all game ending is kinda fuked up, BUT the most dissapointing things are in my opinion :#1-so many empty rooms in the normandy ( in wich u could have put some crew members- still waiting for some DLC to see them full maybe. #2 u dont get to recruit ur crew within missions like u did in ME1 and 2,and u aint got no loyalty mission(ex. "Protty - The Prothean" (would have loved to do a loyalty mission for him coop-ing with liara so he makes fun of her and her knowledge and all that shit( recomment to play the mission priority:thessia with liara and javik-they are so freakin funny at the artifact cut-scenes). #3 and most important( i say most important for the ME3 not regarding the series) is the fact that u cannot see the actual fleet u work ur ass for - i mean man show me some nice pictures ATLEAST(if there cant be a video of each of them war assets after u gain them) with each and every assets i gain in the game not 2 pictures with 2 asari in it that are pictures shown for every fukin thing that relates to asari in the war assets- GET REAL!?!( especially u cant see not even a shadow of vorcha or blue suns or eclipse - nothing from aria t'lok - even if she asked u to kill a fukin turian general to benefit from her help( for wich was awsome to help retake Omega from I-Man), u get no geth super ships in the final movie nor any rachni ships even if u spare them ? COME ONNNN),#4 the circle dialog thing ruined the whole Mass Effect 3, i want to be the master of my characters mouth if i spend time in this game, i wanna take the decisions by myself,i wanna be able to ask things that maybe who knows i forgot or w/e and i wanna redo a dialog, bt with the dialog just going for his own, u can miss important details if u fukin blink AND especially- in teh ending part- not cuz a stupid kid tells me those are all my options. im okay with the fact that shepard is dead at the end..its pretty cool, heroic, makes him look as a fukin martyr ( not saying he doesnt deserve it) but seriously i see no benefit from his death.. so actually in this game u loose no matter what ur choice were along the story, in the end it is all rubbish and u cant save ur cycle, u save it from the reapers but u dont actually save it, since relays are gone, citadel ( the sign of order and law and happyness and race sharing cultural bullcrap and living together in the whole galaxy) is destroyed. ---------- sadly im wondering if i didnt just waste my freakin time with this ME series. the funny part is that when i got to the last team choose screen i googled to see who will fit perfect for final mission. after ived seen and read these endings i didnt even re-opened my game to finish it. im just waiting to see if any DLC comes out with a proper end. =* i apologize if my english is not perfect, but atm i just dont care to check for correct words on this text :|

  14. I was actually thinking about making a video about why I hated the Mass Effect 3 ending, but Jeremy, u have already said everything I would've said minus that blowing up mass effect relays can destroy entire solar systems.

  15. Hey Jeremy I want to thank you for Tweeting my ME3 alt ending Fanfiction. Totally unexpected. Thank you. Site views jumped by 500 over the course of 2 days and made Sunday my busiest day with 1,166 views. Currently I've updated Garrus as an Alt Sqd-m8 to Wrex across the current 3 classes. I'm also working on a few NPC Romance epilogues starting with Thane which is up on the site. But I'm in the humble position of asking for your help. Do you think you could review the fan-fic in a video once I update the remaining classes? By Friday all 6 classes will be available. So if you could check back then, that would be great.

  16. I just read they are releasing a directors cut ending to ME3 and its coming this summer. Doesnt say that they are going to fix the plot holes or anything - just add clarity... whatever that means...

  17. Jeremy,

    I'd love to see a follow-up video with your thoughts on the new DLC that was announced. It basically gives us an epilogue to the current endings.

  18. hey jeremy i really like your work on you tube and i respect your opinion. what do you think of the bioware dlc announcement?i'm concerned about the timing of this announcement, because it is no coincidence that they announced the dlc just before PAX so they already have the "we're working on it " answer ready to deflect any questions. also on the part of EA it comes right after they have been voted worst company in america on the consumerist. the most troubling thing is that this dlc can be used to undermind any more valid complaints fans have regarding the ending and the new dlc, especially when it comes to the public perception of upset fans. EA has given themselves the perfect "well we gave you what you wanted and if you still don't like it you're just entitled,whinny, etc....." defense.

  19. i understand what happend. shepard died no question about it. he was hit by a massive lasor beam. anyway i think that shepard was a ghost or in some sort of spirit form and he just could not go on without finishing off the reapers. this would explane why you dont see anderson(maybe because he is also dead)in the hallway that is the only way to the lift. however i dont see how he could then kill the illusive man. maybe it had something to do with his mind because the reapers gave him upgrades to his mind, so because of this he could see both shepard and anderson. after that you see the kid and make your choice. i think that the two that keep the reapers alive will kill his soul because the kid said that doing so will take away everything you are away, but the one were you kill the reapers will let shepard live but only if it did not also burn the world. the one breath that he is taking in is him going back into his body and coming back to life.
    this idea also tells us why joker is flying away, when shepard died you here that no one was alive and that the fleets retreated because of the failure. this also means that most of the ships were using the mass relays at the time when shepard made his choice. also if you look out at space you see that you are in an open to space, no liveing person could stay in open space without protection. you will also see that there are little to no other ships in orbit of the earth.(this is because they are useing the mass relays) I hope that people will look at this a little harder and understand what im saying.

  20. Bioware announced they are going to release DLC to further clarify what is going on. However, again with this release they still refuse to change the horrid ending they made. My take on this, their intention is probably to divide and conquer the retake movement. Is like give you guys something so that some of you guys are satisfied with it and some would not to kind of wind down your numbers. They still have not addressed one single problem that was being brought up from your video. So keep up the good work and keep promoting the points on why the ending sucks. So glad that YouTube is around ;)

  21. If they admit that the Indoctrination theory is correct and Shepard wakes up from that nightmare of an ending then I'll be happy.

  22. Like your videos a lot, would love to hear what do you make of the indoctrination theory, and if Bioware intentionally fucked up with our brains. Ever since I ran across it I'm just more and more convinced that it was intentional, and it explains Bioware lack of response and unwillingness to change the ending, just add to it.

    Personally, I'd like for the indoctrination theory to be true, that would be so awesome, then in the free DLC (of course, it's the "true ending" of the game and Bioware were planning all of this all along) to start right when Shepard wakes up, then you realize nothing has changed and then you beat the crap out of the Reapers and shown the resolution of your choices.

    I think that Bioware letting us make a theory THAT strong with so many things making sense that way, and considering the unsatisfying and un-logical ending of ME3, it just couldn't be coincidental, can it?

  23. Dude, check the site again. I finished updating all the classes, wrote a prologue, and a bar story with Wrex Vs The Geth Prime. So yeah, every day it gets more Awesomtacular.

  24. A lot of media websites have defended Bioware saying that as artists they have the right to make whatever piece of art they like and as such they can tell their stories and end those stories as they see fit and that mass effect fans have no right to complain.

    My opinion on the first argument is actually yes artists have the right to right whatever story they want; however and this is a huge however is this argument falls apart in that games are an interactive art-form, they are not like paintings or music in that if you don't like them you can just walk away, with games that art-form comes with a 60 dollar price tag and hours of time investment (I have never heard of someone being asked to pay that much for a song, not even Free Bird).

    And the second argument is that fans have no right to complain or ask for a better ending. This I totally disagree with, with a game like mass effect where people invest so much time, money, and even emotion into a franchise they certainly can complain (in fact it could be seen as a compliment in that Bioware managed to create a world and characters that could make people feel so passionate). To wrap up I think I will end with this from simply a business stand point if there is a product be it a car or a video game and people purchase that product the consumers of that product do I think have a right to ask the producers of the product for improvement.

  25. I would love to make a new intro for you in your movie review videos! I'm good with After Effects, Cinema 4D, and I'll do if for free if you put my name in your description box! I just want my name out their and if you don't like it don't use it.

  26. I'm writing a ME3 Novel now. "SKYFALL" follow's Anderson's story. It get's all kinds of awesome from there. Halfway through. Completed chapter 10 yesterday. Updates daily: Please check it out at

  27. You asked for a fan made alternate ending. . .

    I promise this will be the ending we all deserve!

    If you like it, please blog about it. You helped drive the movement. Please help it continue!

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