Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Avengers Teaser Trailer!

    After years of build up, and months of waiting, the teaser trailer for "The Avengers" movie is FINALLY here. Click the jump to check it out and my thoughts on it. Oh yes....2 videos in 1.

The Avengers teaser trailer

The Avengers Teaser Trailer review (Jeremy Jahns)


  1. Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance trailer just came out. U should check it out.

  2. I'm so excited i think i just jizzed in my pants....

  3. You are such an awesome reviewer!! >_< I wish you lived in Chicago so we could go catch a movie together. *Is a complete movie nerd*

  4. Dear Jeremy
    From inspiration of you. I want to become just like you! I want to have tons of subscribers, friends, channel views, and become a famous movie/video game reviewer!
    From MegaJabboy
    P.S Thank You
    P.S.S Can you help get people to notice.

  5. Jeremy I just saw the trailer for the new UnderWorld Movie. I was just wondering what your thoughts were about it. Do you like the UnderWorld movies? Is Kate Beckinsale not super hot? Love to hear your thoughts.

  6. wanna know if the avengers lived up to the hype? see the review at my blog:

    Can't wait for your review Jeremy!